Data-Backed Insights on Whether Email Marketing is Still Relevant

The last time I checked, £38 is the average ROI for every £1 invested in email marketing (source).

The figure is a telltale sign of how powerful email marketing is. It’s data like this that compels the marketers and business owners to allocate a big portion of their marketing budget in their email marketing campaigns.

The figure above, however, was for 2015.

Now that we’re about to cap off the year, the looming question that we business owners and marketers are asking ourselves is whether or not we can we still expect email marketing to generate good ROI?

Is it still relevant?

Or, has its usefulness fizzled out because of the new marketing methods that are gaining a good bit of traction this year?

Let’s check out what the numbers say about the current state of email marketing.

1. “On average, 21% of marketers across all industries stated that email marketing delivers an excellent return on investment...”  -
The comprehensive report put together by Getresponse has truckloads of golden nuggets about the health of email marketing this year.
When consultant marketers were asked to rate nine digital marketing channels based on the ROI they generate, email marketing had a stunning rating of 69% (45% rated email marketing as “Good”, while 24% rated it as “Excellent”).
Content marketing came second with only 59% (36% “Good” and 23% “Excellent”).

When it comes to consumer goods (FMCG, Consumer, Durables, etc.), email marketing had a rating of 69% (49% “Good” and 20% “Excellent”), while social media marketing came second with only 54% (36% “Good” and 18% “Excellent”).

It’s also worth pointing out how email marketing is getting some of the lowest scores when you add up both the “Very Poor” and “Poor” ratings.
GetResponse also manages to collect data on how email marketing is performing across various industries.

Looking at the high CTORs (Click-to-Open-Ratio) alone will tell us how much value email marketing can still bring to businesses.

Not only does it show how the email account owners are still opening the email messages sent to them, but they’re also consuming/reading the content to the point where they are convinced enough to click the link inserted in the email.
In short, if you want to reach out to your customers to compel/influence them to take a look at your products and services, email marketing can certainly do the job for you.

While the data that GetResponse shared is a dead giveaway of how email marketing is still thriving like a rockstar, let’s check out a couple more data about email marketing.

2. Email account growth worldwide continues to skyrocket.
Here’s what’s data revealed about the growth of email accounts worldwide...

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