37 Point Direct Mail Checklist

When planning a direct mail campaign it's good to have a comprehensive check list to be sure you have considered all of the factors. 

Direct Mail Campaign Checklist - Of course you would build a plan so we assumed that and didn't even make it #1. 

1. Flow chart the process by which responses are fulfilled; decide what functions can be done internally and which will have to be outsourced. 

2. Obtain list recommendations from list suppliers, if necessary. 

3. Decide make up of direct mail team (if necessary). 

4. Start creative. 

5. Ideas developed (titles, sub-titles, visuals). 

6. Changes made, full creative concept developed. 

7. Ensure production feasibility of creative concept. 

8. Approve creative concept. 

9. Full copy and layouts developed (on computer, if necessary). 

10. Changes made, copy and layouts approved. 

11. Order outside lists if necessary. Prepare house list if necessary. 

12. Obtain a list dump of each list to be used. Verify each name visually. 

13. Begin data preparation. After mail sort is completed, determine final postage cost. 

14. Obtain final list dump. Verify each name visually. 

15. Set up an account with Canada Post and obtain appropriate artwork. 

16. Finalize position of different creative elements within piece. 

17. Adapt into second language (if necessary). 

18. Verify colours by obtaining colour output. 

19. If required, set up post office box to receive responses. 

20. If responses come by phone, ensure any additional phone lines required are set up. (Call the phone number!) 

21. Develop telemarketing scripts (or at least call guides) for all possible responses. 

22. Begin training of telemarketers. 

23. Have a "dry-run"; fulfill mock orders by phone and/or mail to ensure smooth 

24.Develop contingency plans in the event response exceeds expectations. 

25. Obtain a mock-up of the mailpiece to ensure it can be assembled as planned. 

26. If using rented photos, obtain the rights. 

27. Order paper. Specify number of extra samples required. 
Prior to printing, obtain films. 

28. Verify films. Provide approval to film house, printer. 

29. Printing begins. 

30. Begin personalization test. Obtain 10 samples of each personalized element. 

31. Visually inspect each element to ensure proper positioning. 

32. Begin personalization. 

33. Begin lettershop test. Ensure all pieces are assembled properly. 

34. Begin lettershop. 

35. Pay postage. 

36. Drop mail at Canada Post. 

37. Begin fulfillment of orders.

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