Fast Food Surveys - Who Completes Them And Why

Surveys are an effective method for business owners and marketers to receive feedback from customers. Knowing which products and services most excite your clientele helps you serve them more effectively, leading to repeat business and a healthier bottom line.

What’s the best method for conducting these surveys? We’ve all seen the invitations on our fast food receipts to complete a survey and receive a reward. Do these work? With today’s technology, business owners have many other options available that could collect feedback more efficiently. Why are they still using this method? Is there a better answer? We have examined these questions in detail in our post, When You Want a Feedback from Customers Make It Easy for Them to Speak.

To dig further into the issue, we conducted a survey of our own. Our goals were to gain insight into how Canadians perceive fast food restaurant receipt surveys and discover if we could improve on this method of marketing. We surveyed approximately 500 restaurant customers across Canada. Our results provide informative insight for marketing and business teams. We discovered that diners are typically willing to share their thoughts, provided that marketers make the survey process as convenient and rewarding as possible.

Let’s examine our survey, then take a look at the insights it offers for marketing strategies.

See the results...


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