Here Are 7 Intriguing Digital Marketing Stats From This Week

It’s been another interesting week in interactive marketing statistics and figures. Here are the seven that particularly caught our eye.

1. Insta-engagement
Per SocialBakers’ research released today at the company’s Engage conference in Prague, Czech Republic, brands are getting three times more engagement on Instagram, while celebrities are garnering 3.6 times more via the app, when compared apples-to-apples with Facebook. To be clear, these figures represent the raw number of likes, shares, comments and other social signals for those two categories—the stats are not adjusted, per-capita figures. While it’s probably not surprising to most social media marketers—who don’t work for media companies, that is—that Instagram yields a greater engagement rate (likes, shares, comments, etc., divided by viewers), it seems remarkable that it’s made such gains in terms of sheer signals.

2. 360 degrees of winning
NASA’s been seeing great success with 360-degree video on Facebook and YouTube, according to Veronica McGregor, news and social media manager at the agency’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Since launching a program about a year ago, her team has seen a 35 percent increase in YouTube subscribers while video views have doubled, she said, speaking with Adweek at Engage.

3. Native sales
Collective Bias surveyed 2,111 U.S. consumers and found that more than one-third of the respondents had made a purchase because of sponsored content.

4. #GettingHitched
More than 80 percent of weddings now include a custom hashtag. Check out Adaptly’s full infographic on modern weddings below.

5.Ballgames on Facebook...

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