8 Best Practices for Social Posts That Get Noticed [Infographic]

In a previous article, I covered how to find and target your audience by selecting the right social networks for distribution, defining content sharing patterns and generating content consistently. These are basic considerations in any social media strategy, but on their own they aren’t enough to establish an effective acquisition channel – social posts also need to be optimized for reaching new audiences and engaging existing followers.

There are many ways in which people get exposed to new content on social media: On Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, people discover content through news-feeds, notifications and search. Each social network comes with its specific nuances of these three exposure factors. On Twitter, for example, you can see content in a home feed, in a list, by getting mentioned, by visiting a profile or by searching for a keyword or a hashtag.

For these reasons, social posts need to be optimized to reach the most people while considering the specifics of each social network. For example, optimizing for a news feed requires snappy annotations and good images, optimization for search requires good keywords and hashtags, and optimizing for notifications requires tagging. Taking the time to improve the way a post is served and adhering to a few best practices is guaranteed to multiply your visibility and engagement rates.

Ahead is a concise overview of the best content sharing practices based mostly on a subset of our data consisting of 12 million social posts.

Best Annotation Structure
There are many headline structures that work and I encourage you to experiment to find the best ones for your specific audience. There is, however, a single structure that has brought more clicks than any other over the years.

This structure was identified by Jeff Goins and has proven to be extremely successful at driving engagement with social posts:
Number or Trigger word + Adjective + Keyword + Promise

Following this structure, the headline for this article could have been something like this:
8 Proven Ways to Help You Write Amazing Annotations

The correct sentence structure and the location of mentions, hashtags and links in an annotation can make a big difference to your post’s reach and engagement.

Optimal Annotation Length
According to our data, the optimal length for annotations in 2016 is between 6 and 9 words. It’s significantly less than in 2013 when Outbrain identified the optimal length to be 16-18 words. The difference is not surprising considering that the amount of online content has multiplied by 8 since Outbrain’s publication. This inevitably leads to shorter attention spans and hence better performance of shorter headlines.

Best Words to Use in a Headline
Our data showed that 90% of social posts that go viral contain a few common adjectives, nouns and verbs. Here are the top 5 from each category:

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