A MUST read for Digital Marketers

Kevin Adema's "Digital's BIG short" is a wake up call for marketers worldwide.

Like the 2008 financial crash that undermined the world's economy, Kevin Adema makes a great case for the crash of digital marketing as we know it today. 

Our mass marketing world was built on a strong foundation of checks and balances with a clear way for all parties to benefit - not the least of which was the consumer.

Media barons owned the eyeballs. Brands could access those eyeballs by buying advertising to help influence consumer behaviour. Agencies were paid 15% agency commission to create and place those ads. Everybody won. The advertising world's house was in good order.

Then along comes the Digital Era, ushered in primarily by Google. In this world, brands don't truly understand how the game works, agencies communicate using a "mass marketing mentality" using one-to-one tools and consumers are bombarded with irrelevant content that they increasing ignore.

All aspects of digital marketing are on the rise except the only one that matters: ENGAGEMENT. It is declining.

Don't be caught off guard when digital marketing collapses. This is a must read for marketers who "think through" rather than just "do" digital marketing.

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