The New Marketo Google Partnership: What You Need to Know

Marketo announced a partnership with the Google Cloud Platform Aug. 24 which signals a “mind-blowing” convergence of marketing and advertising technologies and underscores the "scale and power of a public cloud infrastructure."

Marketing automation practitioners and analysts shared these thoughts with CMSWire after Marketo announced its multi-year collaboration with Google and its Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

How Do Google and Marketo Benefit?
First, what the partnership entails: beginning in 2018, San Mateo, Calif.-based Marketo will run its marketing automation products entirely on Google's Cloud Platform. 

By moving its infrastructure into Google's public cloud, Marketo gains integration between its engagement platform and Google's G Suite, data analytics and machine learning capabilities and a greater ability to scale. It also gets to shed its data centers in the process.

Google scores another public-cloud customer migrating its on-premises data centers (with data from its 6,000 business customers according to Marketo company officials) to Google’s cloud — marking another win for the Mountain View, Calif.-based search giant in its quest to compete with Amazon, Microsoft and IBM in the cloud infrastructure wars. 

Scaling for the Big Data World
“There is a lot of potential value in this move for Marketo customers,” Forrester principal analyst Lori Wizdo told CMSWire. “Obviously, a transaction that involves ‘10s of petabytes’ of customer data underscores the importance of the scale and power of a public cloud infrastructure. Marketing touchpoints will continue to increase in the ‘internet of things’ era, and the data that is going to pour into automation platforms is going to increase dramatically.”1

Marketo has taken hits from customers for performance issues, such as Smart Liststhat “take forever to run," email template changes which take 10 to 20 minutes to approve, and complex campaign flows requiring built-in delays to allow activity data the time to synchronize across the platform before it can be leveraged for further personalization.

The Google partnership will “help tremendously,” according to Ryan Vong, president and CEO of Marketo partner Digital Pi, based in Santa Clara, Calif. It will also further advance the goals of Marketo’s Project Orion, a big data re-architecture aimed at providing big data scalability and better positioning Marketo as a business-to-consumer (B2C) provider. The company's historic strength has been in the B2B market, but in 2016 it signaled a conscious shift to address the scale and responsiveness needs of B2C customers.

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