TIP 1 – Social Media Goals
Outline your company’s social media goals and ensure they are in alignment with the employee handbook and company’s overall mission statement

TIP 2 – Social Media Use
Employees should be prohibited from posting any third party intellectual property rights, pornographic, obscene, derogatory, discriminatory or harassing materials on both personal and work social media accounts which can reflect negatively upon the company.

TIP 3 – Trademarks
Employees should be prohibited from posting a company’s trademarks, logos, slogans, products, confidential information and trade secrets online.

TIP 4 – Spokesperson
Appoint a company spokesperson across all social media accounts so you have control over what is being posted about your brand and protect your reputation.

TIP 5 – Suspicious emails
Train your employees to look for suspicious links and emails.  Ensure you have malware, anti-virus and other security measures to prevent data theft.

TIP 6 – Ownership of Social Media Accounts
Ensure that all social media accounts are registered in the company’s name and not an employee’s name as employees can leave.

TIP 7 – Registering trademarks
Register variations of your company’s brand name and trademarks to prevent them from being taken from others.  This includes registering gripe sites such as www.ihate[brand].com or www.[brand]

TIP 8 – Community Blogging Guidelines

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