Digitally fit yet organizationally fat?

Digitally fit, yet organizationally fat? If so, you’re still going to lose the game. 

In’s recent piece: Experience takes shape: The 4 Core Pillars of ‘Digital Fitness’, author, Giselle Abramovich deftly speaks to how organizations globally are still aggressively on the quest for “digital maturity”. Astutely, Abramovich starts the piece with:

“yet what that phrase – digital maturity – actually means and how to get there still have many bending over backward to understand."

I couldn’t agree more and with loose definitions running rampant, organizations everywhere are clamoring to join the “digital gym” but maybe…just maybe…organizations looking at it backwards.

Allow a few simplistic, yet critical, calibration points:

Q:       Why are you as an organization wanting to “get digitally fit”
A:        Because the world is digital and consumers have gone digital and if we’re not digital, we’re irrelevant 


Q:       What will being or becoming digitally fit allow you to do that you’re not doing now? 
A:        Touch more customers, reach them better, be more “in the game” of digital


Q:       What do you think you should focus on as an organization to become more digitally fit?
A:        Our structure, Our people, our processes, our technology, more data-usage


Consider for a moment what digital transformation is or moreover, what it’s trying to accomplish: 

Digital Transformation is an organization’s strategically focused efforts to maximize its outputs and outcomes in context of today’s digital-first world. 

But there’s more – way more – and this is where organizations are getting it wrong – way wrong. 

Digital transformation is not about technology! (yep, I just said that)

Digital transformation is about how you now have to behave in todays’ world becauseof technology. (more)

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