Digging Deeper Into What Customer Experience Is...

Customer experience is a topic very close to my heart since understanding the customer behaviour and delivering exceptional customer service is the foundation of every successful business. Of course, as organizations scale up, the gap between the decision makers and customers grows, blurring the view of what is really going on at the customer level. Therefore, the importance of having a solid analytics solution that delivers metrics and KPIs necessary to improve customer experience cannot be underestimated. 

However, during the recent years I am personally awakening to the fact that we are using too many labels and buzzwords that often disguise the foundation that lies behind them that can help us - managers deliver better customer experiences and hence sales. Let’s take a label that I call customer. From the organizational perspective this is often a mathematical and/or statistical unit. 

Customer always has a dollar value, we decorate it with lifetime value, ornament with affinity categories, beautify with possible behavior scenarios, divide into segments — all to understand better what will make them buy our products or services. We spend millions to analyze and predict… but fail to go just one step deeper and understand what is the basis behind this label. I truly believe that just like the foundation of every business is value creation, the foundation behind every customer is a human being. A regular person with it’s daily routines and chores, pains and gains. I found it exceptionally helpful to look at the customer from this perspective. It is clear to all of us that aside from everything else there is a bigger chance of closing a sale if we keep customers happy. But for a moment, let’s take a look at these two expressions:

1. What makes a  customer happy?
2. What makes a  human being happy?

While finding an answer to the first expression (without knowing about the existence of the second one) is complicated and requires significant effort and data, adding the second one to the equation makes things a bit easier. What makes people happy? Don’t need to go far to find a couple of answers right away. We all are customers. What makes us happy as human beings...

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