Adrienne Sharp
What does the CRTC consider a CEM? Can I email contacts from a trade show?
In a recent webinar an attendee asked: "We are not a transactional company so there can be no actual intent to buy from us. We sell to distributors and it's the distributor who sells to the customer. " "We attend tradeshows and we scan the badges of people entering our show booth. The scan contains contact information including company, job title and email address. Can I legally and legitimately send emails to them?

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  2. If the content of your message is designed to sell product (to a trade partner or consumer) it is a Commercial Electronic Message and all parts of the law apply. The CRTC would consider the position you mentioned as “trying to be too cute” as Al Urbanski of DMNews referred to during the webinar. If the message is intend to further your business objectives it is a CEM.

    Regarding your second question - you can email these people for 2 years.
    If they entered your booth and agreed to be scanned you can send them emails for 2 years. (Implied consent - Business relationship - expressed interest)

    If after 2 years they have not purchased anything (become a customer) OR have not once again expressed interest in something your Company is offering, you must delete them from your list. (if they inquire or express interest a year later, your 2 year ‘clock’ starts from that date, but you must be able to prove that they expressed interest on that date).

    It is your responsibility to track and prove this data if CRTC comes knocking. You must also show that you have a documented process that details how and when they get deleted. I hope this answers your 2 questions. If I can be of any further assistance, please reach out.