5 Easy ways to Improve Your Startup's Marketing Efforts
Startups need to have a comprehensive marketing strategy ready on day one. There are a lot of competitors out there and you need to make your business stand out right away. It isn’t just about having a campaign that will get noticed, your campaign should be something that helps you connect with the customers.

This doesn’t have to be an expensive undertaking. Most of it can be done on a budget, but only if you know your audience and are able to match your campaign with their needs.

Start with a budget

Before you can start any marketing efforts you need to come up with comprehensive budget plans. First of all you need to know how much you can spend at any given time and to figure out what your goal is in regards to money spent.
Next thing to do is to understand the man power and the resources needed to accomplish your goals. The budgeting should cover both of these and still allows you enough wiggle room to make the adjustments to your plans on the fly.

What channels to use

The communication is now easier than ever and that’s great for marketing. However, it also makes it difficult to choose what channels would be best for transmitting your message. It needs to be chosen based on the type of message that you want to send and also based on the demographic that you’re trying to address.
It often happens that a modern business forgets about the traditional marketing channels and focuses all of their attention on advertising online and via apps. These are important and useful, but traditional media is still able to reach quite a lot of customers and shouldn’t be easily overlooked.


Videos are one of the most useful marketing channels out there. They could be used as tutorials or to showcase the way your products and services are used first hand. In order to make the most out of them, you should pay attention to details in terms of production. It’s also a good idea to use a video captioning service to expand your reach and searchability. Video captions can help you make your videos more optimized for search engines. They also allow the videos to be played in silent mode which is how most users play them on a mobile device.

Customer support

Customer support isn’t always thought of as a part of a marketing campaign, but in fact it is its essential part. Customer support is how most of your clients and customers come into contact with your company and that’s an experience that you need make the most of.
The support should be integrated with the rest of your marketing efforts and it should always be in line with the latest tech that you have at your disposal. That means that the customers should be able to reach at all times and in every way imaginable.

The data

When the customers interact with your business online they leave a lot of data for you to work with. This is especially true if you mostly target the customers using mobile devices. They are used in a more intimate fashion and thus provide more data.
You should be upfront with your clients about the data you’ve collected and how you plan to use it. It should be utilized to make your marketing campaign more personalized and crafted in the interest of those who you’re trying to win over.

A startup can be advertised without spending too much money. The key to accomplishing this is to understand your customers and to adopt the technology in accordance with this knowledge.

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