Intelligent Social Media Marketing
In recent years, social media marketing has become a must for all businesses, not just the big renowned brands. It’s even more convenient for small developing companies, since it’s a cheap, effective and easy way to promote your business. Being present on social networks helps your brand become noticed and recognized, and according to a report, it even makes people trust you more. However, promotion on social media can’t be done in a random and uncoordinated manner – it has to be carefully and intelligently planned if it is to be effective. Here are a few things you should have in mind at all times.

Target audience

Determining your target audience is the first step you’ll have to take. Your target audience, naturally, depends on your customers, and who your customers are will, in turn, depend on the type of your business and your product. You should not just use social media targeting tools to reach them, but also adapt your style and content accordingly. As a matter of fact, this way you’re not only building an audience, but rather a community. When you adapt your tone to your audience, be sure that they will recognize it and be more inclined to see you as one of them, which normally generates trust and sympathy.


No matter how carefully you study your audience and plan your actions, sometimes it’s impossible to predict how people will react to your content. Therefore, paying close attention to the feedback you’re getting is crucial. This means analyzing your most crucial numbers, such as reach or engagement, in the light of several important factors. Consider every new post as a kind of a test – try to figure out what types of posts work best for your followers, what’s the best time to publish new content or what type of content triggers the strongest reactions among your audience. When you interpret the numbers, act accordingly and use this info to your advantage.


Conversions and sales are important, but they’re not the only point of social media marketing, or any kind of marketing, for that matter. The “vanity metrics” – number of likes or followers – are not going to pay your bills, but they’re still a pretty good indicator whether you’re doing your social media campaign right, especially in the early stages. These effects are intangible in terms of your bank account, but they are critical when it comes to building brand awareness and reaching new people. The point is: be patient, let the numbers rise, and conversions and sales will eventually come.


If you want your business to look serious and credible, especially in such a competitive market as the one in Australia,  you need to make sure that your appearance on social media is visually appealing and consistent. This is very important, above all because of the fact that you are much more likely to generate engagement among your followers with visuals than with plain text. Have in mind that people should be able make connections between your visuals and thus you need to make sure that you have a unique and consistent design. You should choose your logo, colors and templates in such a way that they reflect what your brand is all about. Opting for a trusted digital agency from Sydney is a great choice if you, yourself, are not as artistic. Having a group of renowned professionals helping you develop the vision for your design is a sure way to succeed.

Watch the big players

One of the best ways to improve your numbers is to watch and learn from the biggest names in your industry. This usually means looking at the social networks of the most successful companies in your branch. However, sometimes, there are brands that are not among the biggest ones in terms of their prominence or annual returns, but are considered leaders when it comes to success of their digital marketing efforts. Try to look up to them and learn some tricks – of course, what works on the big scale doesn’t necessarily work on the small one, but you should put these methods to the test and find it out yourself.

To sum up, the most important message for those who enter the world of social media marketing is: be patient and methodical. Keep an eye on your analytics all the time, don’t overlook the feedback you’re getting and whenever things are not going well, don’t be afraid to change your routines. In the initial phase, don’t be too preoccupied with conversions, just make sure all the other numbers are going up and gradually your marketing efforts will make an impact on your returns as well.

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