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    Robert Simonds’ Career before STX Entertainment

    Tom Clark

    Robert Simonds, STX Entertainment Chairman and CEO, is a former Hollywood movie producer, who worked in the industry for about 22 years before starting his own media production and... (more)
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    Cassandra's Classic a brief story about the Author of Lord of Shadows The Dark Artifices 2


    Cassandra Clare, the author of the trilogy series of the Dark Artifices has proved her mettle once again. The latest edition of her Shadowhunter Chronicles is in sync with the... (more)
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    Stephanie Garber's Fantasy Romance Novel Caraval.


    The narrative
    Walk down the puzzling bylanes of the wonderland where the Carnival is held. It‘s exactly where excitement galore. (more)
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    Project Management: The science of managing projects


    Suppose somebody is handed over the responsibility of a project. He/she is going to be responsible for the project right from the stage of conception of the idea to the completion of... (more)
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    Effective Ways to Remove Damaging Content from Internet Search Results

    Nicole Grace Santamaria

    The Digital Identity Group helps individuals and small businesses remove damaging content from internet search results. Digital Identity Group has helped remove over 1500 links to... (more)
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    InventureX Review For Crowdfunding Marketing

    Carolyn Mae Kittrell

    Since 2012, InventureX has been at the forefront of helping startups and entrepreneurs take their businesses to the next level. The team at InventureX comes from the fast paced work of... (more)
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    Best Content Marketing Strategies for Rebranding

    Isla Wright

    Rebranding is inevitable for both small businesses and large corporations. This i... (more)
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    Beyond Buzz Reviews Top Crowdfund Marketing Agencies

    Catherine Vivian Munford

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    Beyond Buzz, Inc. Crowdfunding Reviews New Ideas

    Kathy Norale Johnson

    Beyond Buzz, Inc. is a unique digital marketing agency that has earned its reputation in the crowdfunding industry by helping entrepreneurs launch new products. Take one step into the... (more)
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    Crowdfund Clicks - Social Media Marketing For Crowdfunders

    Melissa Jewel Marion

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    5 Easy ways to Improve Your Startup's Marketing Efforts

    Isla Wright

    Startups need to have a comprehensive marketing strategy ready on day one. There are a lot of competitors out there and you need to make your business stand out right away. It isn’... (more)
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    Unparalleled Measures To Sustain A Website For Small Business Ventures

    Corinna Mae Rosales

    Humble beginnings that are set on the right track usually end in insurmountable and satiable results. Since the context of this writing is on a (more)