How to Overcome Burnout and Achieve Happiness by Shifting Our Focus

Physical exhaustion and mental burnout

Optimism and enthusiasm are among the few qualities one must possess to make progress in one’s life. Optimism encourages us to keep us going even when going is tougher. Further, enthusiasm keeps is high in energy that helps us to reach our goals. Both are essential to achieve material success. We must fully use our mental and physical abilities to reach our maximum potential. However, we fail to accomplish our life’s goals when we lack the drive and energy to focus and concentrate on our day-to-day activities. Most people fail to reach their goals because of the negative effects of stress on their body and mind. Naturally, consistent stress leads to burnouts.

Feeling tired and stressed

Many people feel consistently tired of the things that once used to bring them joy. People lose interest in their work and they feel in need of constant break. Practically, these are all possible indicators of impending burn-out. When we burn-out, we have reached a point perhaps we have been working too hard and too long. If you are in this position there are several things you can do to cut down on your feelings of stress.

Reconnect with friends

Friends provide us good distraction from the stress. Stay in touch with good friends. Sometimes you will find that your life responsibilities are taking you away from the people and places you care. Prevent this by purposefully scheduling gatherings with the people you care about in the places you love. This does not mean you have to spend a fortune on your gatherings. Simply getting a casserole together in your new roasting pan for dinner can be a great way to reconnect.


Fitness is another good way to relieve stress. This does not mean you have to spend hours in the gym, but do not compromise your regular exercise routine for more time in front of your computer. Exercise will help you boost your energy levels, lose excess weight, and keep you healthy both mentally and physically.

Start a hobby

Introduce yourself to a new hobby. Discover new talents and use unpolished skills. This will take you away from the drab feelings that come with the day-to-day grind of life. New hobbies will bring fresh lease of enthusiasm and brings out your creativity. Mentally stimulating hobbies can shift your mind’s focus from dull, mundane existence to exciting life. Start a hobby that you always dreamed of doing, perhaps, from your childhood days. You may take guitar lessons. Alternatively, learn dancing like salsa or ballroom dancing, for instance. Does talking in public make your hair to raise, take up public speaking course. Options are, indeed, endless. Do something that you never tried before.


When you are feeling down about your own situation, you may be in for a reality-check when you see that other people have it much worse than yours. Give your time, skills, and talents so that other people can benefit from you. This can potentially be an opportunity of self-growth and personal reward.

Delegate your responsibilities

Give some responsibility away. When you are feeling overwhelmed, ask for help. You may like to think that no one can get it done just as right, but you may be surprised. Giving up some of the responsibility will also mean giving away some of the stress.

Finally, shift your inner focus to look at your world. Obviously, Mundane and routine activities bring our efficiency down. We can bring positive changes in our lives, overcome burnout by being creative, and open to learning.

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