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This video describes the campaigns and capabilities of Boingnet's Lightweight Marketing Automation platform.

Here's an overview of how our four campaign types can be used.

For your Lead Generation Campaigns, use Boingnet Lead Forms to capture and add new leads to a Boingnet contact list where they can then be used in drip marketing, email, or personalized campaigns. Use our Lead Generation landing pages to lead people with message matched, mobile optimized landing pages to get more information and indicate interest.

When you want to nurture leads interested in your products or services, the continued contact that our Drip Nurture Campaigns offer is great for elevating your company's visibility. Let our Drip Nurturing Campaigns automate the lead follow up process so that your marketing and sales people can spend less time trying to figure out what to send to whom and more time closing new business.

When your message needs to be highly customized, use Boingnet's Personalized Campaigns to generate personalized landing pages that can be delivered via direct mail, email, or text messages.

Boingnet also gives you the flexibility to quickly send an email blast without integrated landing pages.

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