5 digital must-haves for 2017 success

In today’s rapidly changing digital ecosystem, digital markers often ask me what are the key skills and attributes they must posses to succeed.

I stop them right there as before answering, I must clarify what success actually means. I assume they’re driving at:
  1. Powerful strategy (which they get paid for) and,
  2. Growing their digital book-of-business through long-term programs that yield measurable results for their clients.

They agree. I continue…

Naturally, before giving them an answer, I set the stage. All marketers know strategy to some extent. All marketers know something about digital. And all marketers already have happy clients. I simply give information to make them even better.

To start, I explain the situation digital marketers are in:
  • If you Google “Digital Marketing Agencies” and then Google “Digital Marketing Consultants”, you’ll get over 5.5 million results (that’s who you’re competing against).
  • If you look at most marketing services, they operate in what’s called the “do digital” realm: they take orders from clients and fulfill “the ask” (build a website, run a PPC campaign, set up a social channel, etc.). You don’t want to be here – that’s a vendor and operating like that means you’ll not realize the definition of success discussed earlier (paid for strategy, long-term programs that yield results).
  • If you look at Accenture Digital’s study on digital, only 45% of business executives interviewed believe their digital programs will achieve business objectives AND
  • Only 6% believe their agency can help fix the problem
The opportunity then begins to jump out of the situation…they begin to see that the digital of today is rampantly underperforming.

So what now? The answer:

There are 5 things the digital marketer must have within their metaphorical “tool-box” to realize success:
1. A firm grasp on how digital has changed the marketing game. Digital is a two-way, engagement mechanism where marketers must learn to seek out customers, provide meaningful customer-centric information and become a “hunted” brand vs. a “hunting” brand.

2. A phased approach to selling digital that starts with strategy (that they get paid for) and that leads then into tactics.

3. Strong customer-profiling skills that discount traditional customer handles and leverage digital behavior patterns of today’s consumer.

4. Robust knowledge of digital content: how to stage it, write it and deploy it for long-term engagement.

5. Analytics: how to measure, what to measure and most importantly, how to weave that into your brands for ongoing action.

What happens then is the moment of silence. I watch the mental wheels turn. I know what they’re thinking: “I already know strategy. I already know digital. I already have happy clients.”

I break the silence and simply ask: do you want to “do digital” or do you want to get paid for your strategy and grow long-term programs that yield results?

But change takes courage.
And change takes work.

To lessen the pain, I give them an option:
Walk away and keep doing what you’re doing (the status quo sting)

Set aside 1 hour of their life to watch a presentation on the new realities of Digital Strategy. If it empowers them (which it will), great. Worst case, they’re out 1 hour.

Best part: the video’s FREE if you use the coupon code DMAC2017

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