A 2017 Digital Resolution: More clients. More strategy. More profit.

We’ve celebrated the Christmas and New Years holidays, said goodbye to 2016 and now, 2017 awaits…
Now what?

Here’s some digital resolutions worth having:

More clients. More strategy. More profit.
Regardless of what 2016 looked like, you can probably say one of a few things:
  1. It was a great year and we really helped some clients strategically grow their business
  2. It was an OK year but we mostly did digital tactics
  3. Wow – why aren’t we doing more digital work
No matter which of those best suits your own story, I’m going to assume you want to grow your business, be seen as a strategic partner and realize growth and profit in your digital portfolio.
That’s kind of a given right? More sales. More strategic. More profit.
But as you know, following status quo isn’t a good option. It’s like Albert Einstein’s classic Insanity quote:

“doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

If you want a fresh look on digital and want to make a real change for 2017, carve out 1-hour and take our course on the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Strategy.

GOOD news: thanks to Blazon Online, it’s 100% FREE

5 key things you’ll walk away with:
  1. The digital pain of today and keys to becoming a partner and NOT a vendor
  2. The marketing history and the rise of e-everything
  3. How marketing has changed because of digital and what agencies can do about it
  4. Understanding Dialogue Age brand engagement and bringing this into your client’s businesses
  5. Shaping customer-centric strategies and engaging customers to develop long-term, strategic digital programs
Our friends at HotHouse marketing (Vancouver area) took us up on this and they say it best:

“Mastering Digital Training is helping us take control of digital at a more strategic level and leverage that strategic knowledge into a better value proposition for our agency.”


The hardest part about New Year’s resolutions?
Choosing to actually make it happen.

Choice 1: Status quo.
Choice 2: 1 hour. FREE. Enroll now.
Here’s to a great digital 2017.

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