What to do when your brand's copy isn't working

By now, I’m sure you’re aware that digital content marketing is important.

The Online Marketing Institute cites that almost 80% of consumers (the one’s reading your content) believe that “brands with custom / relevant content are interested in building a positive relationship.”

But what is good digital relevant content? How do you get a consumer to actually respond? What form does it take?, How do you do it?, Where do you do it? And, who do you target?

As part of the Mastering Digital Strategy program, here's a FREE excerpt from the Content Course: A 14-minute video presentation including a few things that you really need to know as a strategic digital content marketer:
  1. It starts with an application of a customer action map: How to map your consumer against the metrics of willingness and awareness
  2. What type of content approach you should use based on your target audience’s profiles
  3. Two critical content / copy strategies to better relate to your audiences
You can watch it here
(just click the “watch promo” video link)

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