5 ways to improve your email marketing in 2018

Despite your best efforts, your company’s email marketing goals sometimes get overlooked. We start out with good intentions, by the end of the year, we’re just thankful to have something go out. The start of a new year is the perfect time to reinvigorate your email marketing by looking at some basic strategies with a fresh, new outlook. That’s why I’m compiling five tips to help you make your 2018 email marketing initiatives stand out! Sometimes, it’s best to go back to the basics.

Send higher quality emails less often
You’ve heard that less is more, this isn’t anything new. Every single email you send should bring value to your subscribers, and if you find that you’re rushing to get emails out where you can’t specifically point out a value proposition, maybe it’s time to send fewer emails. Work to make your email messaging clearer, more concise, and more targeted.

Focus on minimizing cognitive load. Use simple, clean designs. Segment and automate your emails when possible. All these optimizations can lead to fewer emails that perform better (and have fewer unsubscribes). Additionally, you want to target subscribers that are interested in hearing from your company (you probably know this already). Going after active, engaged subscribers with a targeted, clear message is the holy grail of email marketing!

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Implement and test visual and typographic hierarchy
Visual and type hierarchy (including a larger headline, then slightly smaller sub-headline, and then smaller body copy) is nothing new. In fact, newspapers have been doing it for years.

Take this year to refresh the your email messaging and experience by cutting back on walls or long paragraphs of text and employing headlines and sub-headlines effectively. I know this is silly, but one trick I use is this: I look at my email and squint, and what I can’t see when I’m squinting you can assume your subscribers won’t read. So, test out some larger headlines and medium-sized sub-headlines to get your point across.

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