Get Cyber Safe Guide for Small and Medium Businesses

If you're like most small or medium businesses in Canada, the Internet is an indispensable tool to succeed in today's digital economy. Getting online allows you to reach new customers and grow your business. And even if you don't have a website — or a Facebook page or Twitter account — you probably depend on the Internet for everyday business operations like banking, payroll or ordering supplies.

However, being online requires being safe and secure. As a small or medium business, it's easy to think that you are too small to warrant the attention of cyber criminals. In fact, cyber criminals are now actively targeting smaller businesses because they believe their computers are vulnerable.

In other words, if you are a small or medium business owner, this guide is for you. Cyber security is a shared responsibility and, depending on how your business is structured, there are likely other people — co-owners, managers or employees — who should also be familiar with the information you'll find in this guide.

You do not need to be a computer or Web expert to read or implement the measures in this guide. Although some cyber security terms are used, you can look up any terms you are unfamiliar with in the glossary at the end of this guide or online in the glossary.

The self-assessment tool in Appendix A can help you determine where your business needs the most help.

If you are experiencing a serious cyber incident, contact the police, seek professional assistance and consult Appendix C of this guide for additional resources.


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