How Facebook Will Force Publishers to Rethink the Role of Websites

This has been a long time coming  -  in Internet time, at least.

Last March Facebook announced it would start hosting publishers’ content within its mobile app. Such a move was proposed as a win-win. Faced with plummeting web-traffic, these ‘Instant Articles’ would allow publishers to bring their content to larger audiences in a faster, streamlined way. Ads could additionally live within the articles to compensate for the potential loss of revenue from even lower site traffic for publishers.

Unsurprisingly upon this announcement, people began to ask if this siphoning of traffic would negatively impact publishers and businesses.
Digital marketing has traditionally been predicated upon driving traffic into a publishers’ content ecosystem, i.e. their website. From there the publisher could convert this traffic to leads and subscribers, or sales, or revenue, or all of the above.

But the notion of Instant articles challenged this structure, and as of today Instant Articles are a reality. This means in the coming months publishers are going to be forced to ask the question: are the advantages enough to force a paradigm shift?

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