The Real Impact of Google's Right Hand Ad Changes

When Google decided to kill right-hand PPC ads, many speculated that the change would be a net negative for paid search marketers.  A minority even suggested that there would be drastic effects, such as significantly higher CPCs for competitive keywords.

So how have campaigns been faring since Google implemented the change?
According to Larry Kim, founder and CTO of WordStream, there certainly hasn't been an "Adpocalypse."  He looked at data for more than 2,000 of his company's clients before and after Google's change and found that:
1. Impressions are down.
2. CTRs are up.
3. Total clicks are steady.
4. Overall CPCs have actually dipped.

Interestingly, Kim found that the third ad spot in the desktop layout, and not the fourth, has seen the biggest increase in CTR.
And while the decrease in impressions for ads in the eighth position and lower is significant, the impact is quite modest because these ads only made up a fraction of a percent of all desktop impressions in the first place.

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