16 Content Curation Tools Which Can Streamline Your Efforts

The vast majority of marketers, agencies and social media managers still manage their social media efforts with spreadsheets and bookmarks. Instead of starting from scratch each morning – technology can help you curate content faster than ever before.

Relying on manual efforts for content curation is a one way street to spending a countless number of hours hunting, digging and looking for great content. I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather spend my time working on challenging projects, hanging with family or building something great.

More and more, marketers and social media managers are looking to technology for content curation tools to help them uncover great content, share it quickly, be more productive, and get detailed analytics surrounding what content works and what doesn’t.

There’s no question that there are plenty of content curation software options for marketers, making it difficult to find the perfect fit. Some of these content curation tools have a focus on the enterprise and some are built for small businesses and startups.

Here’s a look at 16 of the best content curation tools available:

1. Scoop.it

Scoop.it is a Pinterest-esque content curation platform which enables you to pick a topic and within seconds be delivered relevant content. The content is curated by other users on the platform and offers additional topics based on the content being shared in that topic.

Top features:
Content suggestions based on big data
Choose specific keywords using Boolean search
Add your own sources with RSS feeds
Filter content based on type
Free plan

What’s special about this tool: Scoop.it has a familiar and highly visual interface, making regular curation easy and enjoyable. It’s a great resource for finding content quickly and easily. 

Pricing: Scoop.it is a free tool, with paid options for more robust search.

2. Triberr

Triberr is an influencer marketing platform, but it also provides the ability to discover great content. It’s a community where tribes curate their own content and promote the content of one another. You can join a tribe and very easily begin finding a handful of articles that your audience would find interesting.

Top features:
Upload your own content for further reach
Add content to your queue with ease
Share directly to social media from your feed
Engage with other members on Triberr
Curate content for a specific audience

What’s special about this tool: Triberr enables you to create up to three tribes on their free plan, arming you with the ability to share content amongst specific group of people and automate the distribution of each others content.  

Pricing: Scoop.it is a free tool, with two paid plans. Prime Lite is $8.50 a month and offers 7 tribes and Prime is $350 a year with 21 tribes.

3. Pearltrees

Pearltrees is a content storing platform that's meant to help you discover and store content in your own collection or drop zone. The website also allows you to search for content collections related to your own interests and discover articles and resources that other users have saved. 

Top features:
Uncover content being curated by others
Save your own content in your own collection
Share content directly from Pearltrees
Install a Pearltrees extension for saving content

What’s special about this tool: You have the ability to discover content that others are curating for their own usage or for future distribution. Uncover new articles that are a bit more niche and that the rest of the industry has overlooked. 

Pricing: Pearltrees is a paid tool with a 14-day free trial. The first paid plan starts at $2.99 and the most expensive plan is $9.99. 

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