Use of Mobile Media by Enterprises

In 2017, we conducted a Mobile Media Executive Survey trying to assess as to how executives from 100 top companies among top 10 different sectors are using mobile as a media channel. Result: Most companies gave following order of usage: 
  • Advertising: 47% 
  • Sales Promotion Support: 41% 
  • Branding: 32% 
  • Customer Service Support: 32% 
  • Research Data Collection: 26% 
  • Store Traffic Generation: 24% 
  • Interactivity (such as voting): 18% 
  • Response Fulfillment: 18% 
  • Couponing Ticketing: 12% 
  • Direct Sales via content downloads: 6% 
  • CRM: 3% 
Here mostly SMS was being used with very little usage of mobile web, if at all. 

In 2017 begining, we again spoke to many of same executives to know what has changed and companies had started to consider usage of mobile web but still to a miniscule level. 

In later part of 2017, we are suddenly seeing the surge in usage of mobile web and companies from various domains are also considering to either make their sites wap enabled if they are not already, or straight away create an application for their brands. Thus, we can conveniently say that mobile apps can be comfortably included in the above list now. It too is getting quite a few queries for apps development every now and then. 

A major shift has happened in the mindset of the world since Apple first came with it’s iPhone and iTunes app store. Everybody, almost all major brands of operators, android application development manufacturers and others have started creating their own app store to join the apps-bandwagon…fearing that if they don’t have their appstore presence soon, they will loose their already thinning market share to others. 

As of last count, we see more than 100 (yes you got that right, 100) App Stores globally, some with hundreds of thousands of Apps. Mobile App mania is gathering steam. Interestingly, Apple announced a MAC App Store recently. Apple is hoping to take its disruptive iPhone App Store model to computers now!! Apple hopes to break into classic software distribution supply chain and web browser monopoly to access PC content. 

Inspite of so much hype about apps in market, apps are not used as heavily as in US or Europe. Most app stores are white labeled, outsourcing of apps development to smaller vendors is being heavily practiced by most companies. Thus lot of  companies are also confused about how and if to get their apps developed, vendors for these, monetisation of these apps, if developed etc… 

It is thus conducting a new Mobile Apps research to try to answer most, if not all of the above questions. If you are interested in ordering an excerpt of their report, leave your details and we will contact you as soon as the report is ready. You can also pre-order the report. I am sure, you would be pleased to see, how mobile media usage has changed and how it can be best leveraged.

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