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TORONTO, Ontario, July 30, 2016: With an unparalleled focus on innovation and technology, TI Group creates communication solutions that help brands engage with people, get results and succeed, TI Group has declared their commitment to yet another area of communication that remains important to many brands: direct mail. “Seeing how important direct mail is to our customers, we set out to find the direct marketing services firm that best aligned with our values and commitment to results for our customers” states Peter Spring, President of the Ti Group Inc. “ The Helicopter Group’s focus on response and the spirit of their team, were the keys to realizing just how well our core values aligned.”

The Helicopter Group (THG), a leading Canadian Direct Marketing service bureau with best in class direct mail services, expands their service capabilities as well as the exceptional talent available for omnichannel campaigns. “ Overnight, we added tremendous resources and capabilities through our new parent company - the TI Group” says Kishan Gunasekaram, President of the Helicopter Group, “our current staff are very committed to our client’s results and it is great to see that same commitment from every member of the TI Group team. Our clients will love the innovation and focus on response that will amplify our offerings and help them get their jobs done - above and beyond expectations.”

Over the past 20 years, THG has earned a leadership role in North America’s direct marketing community providing: complex data processing / management, comprehensive imaging solutions along with a full range of mail preparation services.  While Direct Mail production remains THG’s core competency, they expanded their service offering to include digital channels back in 2008. 
“Response - both our ability to respond quickly and effectively to our clients - as well as improving the bottom line response that our clients expect from their direct marketing campaigns, is at the very core of The Helicopter Group and the TI Group sensed that early in our exploration” says Spring, “with our own commitment to innovative brand results we thought the core values were a great fit. While continuing to operate from Richmond Hill location, as a separate division, THG expands their service offerings and now have the resources needed to allow them to take advantage of our extensive equipment list, helping to take campaign response to new levels for their clients.” 

The TI Group is a privately owned Canadian company based in Toronto, Ontario.  Founded in 1979, TI Group helps help customers persuade, entertain, inform and transact through graphic communications solutions. TI Group services include: ideation, creative, photography, commercial and digital printing, promotional and way-finding signage, lifestyle interior wall coverings, retail fixates and application development.

The Helicopter Group is a leader in Direct Marketing services to many of the leading brands in the North American marketplace. From their Direct Mail roots they understand the importance of RESPONSE and apply that to Digital and omnichannel campaigns to create a one-stop shop for their clients’ campaign executions.
For more information contact: 
Jim Wisner, VP, DM Sales & Marketing - 1 (905) 731-2440 or jw228@thehelicoptergroup.com

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