The Impact of CASL on Email Marketing

A national survey confirmed that Canadian marketers planned to increase their email budget by 34% and 74% of them said they will not be significantly limited on their ability to conduct email marketing campaigns.15

While the new legislation has resulted in many changes for businesses that conduct marketing in Canada, one thing has remained consistent —organizations still see the value of email marketing under the new CASL legislation. According to Constant Contact, Canadian consumers rate email as their number one method for staying in touch with businesses. (68% prefer email over all other channels).2

“The death of email has been prophesized for nearly 15 years,” said Geoff Linton, President of Inbox Marketer. “But in fact, it continues to grow. We are seeing more consumers subscribing to more email programs; and email is becoming more segmented, targeted, and as a result, more relevant. That’s where the resurgence of email has come from.”


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