Facebook Claims 25 Million Fake Americans in Reachable Audience

Facebook advertisers have a new beef with the social media giant — it’s counting 25 million more Americans among its users than actually exist, according to U.S. Census data.

In an article that ironically trended on Facebook on Wednesday, Business Insider’s Alex Heath writes that a Facebook spokesperson believes many of the extra views in the U.S. could be from tourists. (Heath tracked down tourism estimates that show visits to the U.S. were roughly a wash, considering Americans also leave the country on trips.) [Author’s note: Many Facebook users have more than one account and Facebooker and Target Marketing blogger Stephen H. Yu has an account for his dog, Thor. It’s unclear what kind of marketing appeals to Thor Yu.]

Metrics problems aren’t new to the company. Facebook (which some users now call Fakebook, and not just because of its fake newscontroversy) had a video view metrics problem so pronounced that big brands cut back or stopped advertising on the site for a while in 2016. The social media site that had refused outside oversight now submits to third-party monitoring.
Heath says this of the latest Facebook metrics snafu:

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