First ever GDPR notice issued to firm linked to Brexit

London - A data firm based in Canada, which acted on behalf of the Vote Leave campaign (which is seeking to promote the U.K.'s impending exit from the European Union), has been hit with the first ever GDPR notice in relation to U.K. activities.

The U.K.'s data protection watchdog, the Information Office, has issued the U.K.'s first formal notice about a data privacy breach under the European Union GDPR legislation with came into force this year (served under section 149 of DPA18).

The company, which is said to have committed significant breach, is the Canadian company AggregateIQ, based in Victoria, British Columbia.

AggregateIQ "integrates, obtains, and normalizes data from disparate sources". During the Brexit campaign, £3.5 million($4.5 million) was spent with AggregateIQ by four pro-Brexit campaigning groups, Vote Leave, BeLeave, Veterans for Britain, and Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party. This are predominantly politically right-of-center groups.On 20 September 2018, AggregateIQ was served a formal notice by the Information Commissioner's Office for breaching the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation.

The company has launched an appeal against the notice, according to the BBC.

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