3 solutions for common excuses for not using marketing automation

It’s just another typical morning. Your (alarm clock, iPhone, toddler) wakes you up bright and early. You check your email hoping to see:
Which of your favourite stores is offering a personalized discount on the pair of red sneakers you’ve been browsing on several sites and absolutely NEED in your life
A gentle reminder(s) regarding which of your credit card billing cycles are nearing completion and which payment due dates are approaching
However, on this morning your inbox is empty — no sales for your coveted red sneakers or payment reminders.

Your first thought is that your device needs a reset. Your second? Your wireless network is out. But what if the lack of communication was due to marketers deciding to stop using automation to communicate with their audiences?
Since the onset of marketing automation and personalization, we’ve increasingly come to expect businesses to send us customized messages in a timely, relevant fashion. So, why are you so hesitant as a marketer to start using marketing automation (or more fully implement it)?

Let’s review three common excuses and explore how marketing automation solves these problems rather than causing them.

EXCUSE #1: “Implementation takes too long.”
Allow marketing automation to help you repurpose the hours spent on manual tasks for continued optimization and growth.

Plotting out your customer journey, creating different email templates, segmenting your lists and physically creating automated programs takes time. But while these elements of marketing automation implementation might take longer to complete up front, your ongoing execution time and effort is greatly reduced once these programs are live, freeing up valuable time.

Of course, nothing should be considered “set it and forget it” because as your programs run, you should be monitoring and optimizing your progress. But by taking the time previously spent on manual execution and utilizing it to continually evolve and improve your programs, you can repurpose your time in a more useful way.

EXCUSE #2: “Database quality restrictions limit our ability to personalize content.”
Use automation, behavioral tracking and preference collection to build out customer data profiles.

Many marketers claim they know nothing beyond their customers’ first names and email addresses and therefore have nothing to customize. This might be the case, but you can start using email or website behaviors to target these customers with relevant, automated messages related to their recent activity.
You can even create email or SMS campaigns for the sole purpose of collecting more preference-based information to build the data profiles for future nurture campaigns or targeted offers. When you consider that personalized emails generate 6X the revenue of non-personalized emails, your alleged roadblock could become a vehicle for change.


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