Is Direct Marketing Still Effective?

Plenty of people have tried to proclaim the death of direct marketing.
Those who work in the digital realm may find there is a constant sense of anxiety as to whether the techniques and practices used today will still be relevant tomorrow.

But the statistics show that far from sending direct marketing obsolete, the rapidly changing digital landscape has provided marketers the opportunity to make both email and regular mail campaigns far more effective.

Truth be told, direct mail and email marketing maintain a very comfortable position as platforms for reaching target markets and making conversions. With the right tactics, direct mail can get greater engagement, increased response rates, and better results.

Struggling to cut through with your message? Direct mail invokes more human senses than any other media, making it a great way to engage with your customers. With the rise of digital marketing, letterboxes are less cluttered and receiving physical mail is almost a novelty. Direct mail demands attention, and as much as 92% of it is opened.

Through intelligent use of data, direct marketing allows for branded messaging to be communicated in an extremely personal manner, as part of a fully integrated customer experience. This contributes to making customers feel more valued by your brand. In fact, 57% of people who receive direct mail feel more valued.

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