Direct mail vs email

The rise of email marketing during the 21st century has somewhat eclipsed the importance of direct mail. However, direct mail remains a key marketing strategy, offering some significant advantages over its newer challenger.

Email is transitory. People scroll through crowded inboxes very quickly, deciding to open or delete within seconds. It's a challenge just being seen. In fact, a study of the email analytics revealed that 51% of emails are deleted within two seconds.

Of course, direct mail letters can be easily discarded too, but they are more likely to be opened and retained. Research by the Royal Mail shows that people keep direct mail they find useful, such as door drops, for an average of 38 days. And, even if not fully read, the message may register. In a recent survey by Proactive Marketing, only 44% people could remember a brand straight after seeing a digital ad while 75% of people could recall the brand after receiving direct mail. 

The Royal Mail also reports that more than 92% of direct mail was opened and 48% of UK adults took action after receiving direct mail last year:
  • 14.2m bought something
  • 10.5m used a voucher or coupon
  • 2.8m tried a new product or service
  • 3m made an enquiry by phone

However, badly written and poorly targeted direct mail will fail just as spectacularly as email marketing. To succeed, it must be well executed, on brand and clearly targeted.  So what is the key to creating effective direct mail? 
Tips for successful direct mail...

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