2018 Planning - Is it Time to Fix Digital Marketing?

Using digital as a mass marketing tool has failed us as marketers. Yet that's all we knew when digital came along, so it is natural to have used it that way.

What we have learned by doing that is: it doesn't work. It does not take full advantage of the opportunity that digital represents in our marketing efforts.

The Blazon Mastering Digital Strategy Certification Program is designed for Agency team members who need to create a result for your clients but may lack some of the formal strategy training and most certainly do not know how traditional and digital marketing fits together.

In order to start your year off right, Blazon has arranged for you to complete this course and impact your 2018 marketing plans at a 77% savings until December 24, 2017!!

Register today - start making the difference for your clients that only a well trained team can do. Blazon Subscribers & DMAC Members - take advantage of our 77% savings when using this unique link (use the coupon code THINK when registering). Earn your Mastering Digital Strategies Certificate today. Offer expires December 24th, 2017

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