All you need to know about Botox treatment
Several years have passed since the first big Botox frenzy but the trend is still on. Actually Botox is now also used as an umbrella term concerning all sorts of fillers which are used for face correction procedures. Let’s enlist what fillers can be used for and what main options there are for potential patients to choose from when visiting any certified clinic offering Botox Treatment Houston.

Botox is often mentioned alongside other face fillers otherwise known as dermal fillers. These are all safe substances which would get injected under the skin to take effect. They generally contain collagen, elastin both of which are keys to a young looking skin and which our body naturally produces, at least up until our Forties when our skin would visibly show signs of aging. That’s why many people decide to undergo cosmetic treatments or get dermal fillers to make their appearance fresher and more youthful again. Let’s enlist what dermal fillers are generally used for.

Dermal fillers are specifically used for the following key reasons:

• To reduce wrinkles
• Face and jawline contouring
• To revitalize the skin and to add volume to any area.
• To help reduce aging-related sagging and deformations especially around the chin-line
• Dermal fillers can also successfully be used to decrease hooded eyes

Benefits of Dermal fillers

First of all, they are non-invasive injections which make them instantly a lot more popular. This way they are also cheaper and they don’t require hospitalization. Other benefits include the fact that Botox Specialist Near Me and other dermal fillers would show effect within little to no time at all. While they would need to be re-applied every 6 to 18 months, they keep your appearance much fresher and more youthful during this period. Most importantly, noone would know you have anything going on unlike with more complicated plastic surgery procedures.  Fillers will not make excessive changes to the face. Lip fillers can of course be overdone, especially when applied by inexperienced or not certified people but other than that dermal fillers are always used with care, to enhance but not to cause big or dramatic changes to the face.

Different types of dermal fillers:

If you don’t see many dermal fillers called by their name it is for a good reason. Each clinic is using different sorts of substances under different names but clinics are forbidden to mention the exact name (at least in the US and in the EU) to avoid any suspicion of promotion. That’s why dermal filler is also an umbrella term.

Difference between Botox and dermal fillers

Botox is different from other dermal fillers because it would completely stop muscles from working in an area. Botox And Fillers Near Me is good for prevention in certain areas but can be bad in other areas.


Botox Houston clinics and other institutes which have the official permit and required qualification to do such treatments all advice patients to take the following precautions:

• Allergy test
• Previous medical history
• Reaction to numbing and anesthesia

Swelling and mild pain can all be the side effects of Botox and dermal filler injections. Learn more by googling: „Botox Treatment Specialist near me”.

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