The organization of the workplace of the writer
Different writers treated the question of where to write differently. Nora Roberts wrote at home, to the noise and games of her young children, JK Rowling in a cafe, and Mark Twain - in a separate summerhouse on the farm. Any author will also have to build their own system for themselves. To help you with this, we offer some tips on how to better arrange the workplace and your mode.

Work at home
There are a lot of them, especially for a person who went to the office at the opposite end of the city all his life every day. You will save a lot of time and money if you use Edu Birdy writing service. There you can hire a writer or check your essay on plagiarism. This is convenient - you can start working right in bed and generally dispose of yourself as you like. You can put exactly the music you want, or get rid of any sounds.

Of course, what is described above is ideal. For example, if you are an introvert, you live alone in a house with thick soundproof walls. Often, everything happens differently - family members are constantly distracting you, or a neighbor starts up repairs when you take on the most interesting part of the plot. And before the refrigerator is only 10 steps.

Adjust the noise level

Studies show that elevated noise reduces concentration and performance. People living near airports have higher levels of stress hormones in the blood. Therefore, your task is to achieve the greatest possible silence. Even if you need to use special noise protection headphones or earplugs.

 Remove irritants
Ask your family to not bother you for a while you work. Explain that you can be distracted only if the issue of life and death is resolved. Hang a sign on the door indicating the time during which you will be occupied. You can also work in the morning or evening when you are still asleep.
Turn off all notifications and set the phone to silent. Reduce stocks of food in the refrigerator, if you find it difficult to give up the temptation. Do not answer calls at the door, if you do not expect anyone, or even better - turn it off completely.

Add a little inspiration.
Medical studies claim that patients tolerate pain more easily if there is a picturesque view outside the windows of their wards. Another study showed that students tolerated stress better when solving complex mathematical problems if there were a lot of plants in a room.

In your power to improve your home environment and make it more conducive to creativity. Even if there is a completely anti-utopic man-made look outside the window, you can hang a photo calendar above the table or put a small cactus to your taste.
Another factor affecting creative productivity is music. Many famous writers use it in their work. For example, Boris Akunin argues that it helps him tune in to one or another emotional state. Experiment with genres and volume to determine your version.

Work outside the home
At home, it can be very difficult to tune in to the working mood. In addition, it is not always possible to be 100% isolated from all distractions. There are so many options for working outside the home, and this gives you more freedom of choice:
You can work in one place or change dislocation, walk and dictate the text. The changing environment provides rich food for associations and the emergence of new ideas.
If you are a supporter of absolute silence and loneliness, then, of course, it will be difficult to find a suitable place. In addition, cafes and coworkers usually cost money, while at home you work for free. Work in the open air you can spoil the bad weather.

In the age of smartphones and the Internet, you can work anywhere, anytime. Use every free minute - in transport, queues, breaks, etc.
Try several variants of your working “office” to determine for yourself the most creative atmosphere.

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