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CASL Workshop – Toronto

CASL Compliance as a Competitive Advantage

December 3, 2019 – 9:00am – 1:00pm at The Spoke Club

Join our 3 1/2 hour, hands-on workshop as we explore the benefits of CASL compliance and how your brand will experience significant benefits by aligning your practices with the written law. It is not as difficult as you think! Derek Lackey, CIPM will walk you through the structure of a compliant program and work with you to develop your prospect’s and customer’s respect and trust regarding electronic communication in Canada.

(following the enforcement of CASL) “Canada had significantly outperformed all other geographic regions with a mean of 38.5 percent and top quartile median unique open rate of 59.8 percent.” IBM Watson 2019 Marketing Trends

The course curriculum is based on a comprehensive process to ensure that your organization’s email marketing practices are compliant with Canadian laws, as described in Derek Lackey’s book – CASL Compliance: A Marketer’s Guide to Email Marketing to Canadians.(included)

The 5 Stages of CASL Compliance:

  1. Pre-Assessment – what are your current electronic messaging practices
  2. Design – generate a gap report and design a program to close the gaps
  3. Document – create your Electronic Messaging Policies & Procedures manual
  4. Technology & Track – set up data tracking to track consent and suppression dates
  5. Train – create training materials and run staff training sessions

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