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Privacy - Webinar - August 28, 2019

Stop Chasing Data Protection Laws (Webinar)

September 25, 2019 – 11.am – 12pm EST

Over the past 5 years we have watched as organizations react to various new data protection/privacy legislation. While great to see they care and are looking to come into compliance, perhaps it’s time to step back and assess what’s happening and how your organization might be proactive regarding your capture, storage and use of personal data.

Most laws such as PIPEDA and GDPR are built on the foundation of Privacy by Design and Default. These 7 principles can be used to guide all of your organization’s new practices, ensuring compliance with all laws. Sometimes a little tweaking is required, but 95% of your data practices can be decided using PbD.

Join Derek Lackey, CIPM, President of the Response Marketing Association and Managing Director of Newport Thomson as we walk through the 7 principles and discuss what it takes to be compliant while doing “the right thing” for your customers.

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