Marketing Automation Webinar: Boingnet 101 - Getting Started

In this marketing automation webinar we review the basic ins & outs of Boingnet, including how to create Lead Generation, Email Marketing, Drip Nurturing, and Personalized Campaigns with pURLs. We discuss Boingnet's Landing Page and Microsite capabilities, and how Boingnet can help you:

* Create lead generation campaigns that automatically build your lists 24�7

* Nurture them with automated drip marketing campaigns

* Send personalized newsletters & promotions using email marketing best practice %u2013 without having to learn complicated programming

*Combine direct mail, web marketing and email marketing with easy to set up Personalized URLs (pURLs)

*Avoid Spam Filters and Traps with our unique Spam Checker

*Search for, buy, and manage Marketing Domains (or Vanity URLs) to promote landing pages and microsites in a memorable fashion.

*Clean your email list prior to sending with our integrated list cleaning tool

*Integrate Boingnet with your current marketing software using the Zapier Integration tool

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