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  • Why The M In CMO Should Be An X

    For many years I’ve been preaching that customer service is the new marketing. Give your customers something positive to talk about and they will tell their story to their friends, colleagues and family members. That’s marketing – specifically known as Word-of-Mouth (WOM) marketing. It is driven by the interactions your…

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  • Culture is key to avoiding reputational risk

    A toxic culture creates a variety of risks for a business. From reputational damage brought on by revelations about employee conduct to the corrosive influence ofissues around discrimination and employee wellbeing, a poor culture can rapidly sink a brand, particularly in an age when social media amplifies every misstep. Despite this, businesses…

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  • 5 Marketing Channels to Focus On In 2019

    Even though Field of Dreams is one of my favorite movies, the saying “If you build it, they will come” sadly doesn’t apply to content marketing. Too often, we forget that content marketing consists of two keywords — content and marketing. Creating content is usually the most fulfilling and enjoyable part of…

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  • WWTT? Burger King’s ‘Real Meal’ Campaign Falls Flat

    This week, the home of the Whopper debuted a new line of Real Meals with the tagline that “No One Is Happy All the Time.” Which, of course, got the attention of media outlets, with many claiming the Real Meal campaign is an attempt to troll McDonald’s and Happy Meals.…

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  • How Bricks can beat back Clicks

    Exceptional retailing has always been based on the superb execution of the 6 P’s which drove traffic and profitable basket. Proposition – how you matter versus why you matter.Product – the right merchandise, merchandised right.Price – the perfect balance between margin and momentum.Place – location, location, location.Promotion – creative, convincing and cultivating.People – promises made, promises…

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  • 2019 California B2B Marketing Expo

    Why Attend: After years of well renowned European growth, inspiring and educating more than 15,000 visitors annually, the demand to launch The B2B Marketing Expo stateside has been overwhelming- If you are based on the West Coast this is THE one Marketing event you will not want to miss in…

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  • In-housing should not be about cutting costs, say speakers at ACA event

    Last fall, the Association of National Advertisers in the U.S. released headline-grabbing survey results revealing that 78% of its members had taken some agency work in-house, with cost the most frequently cited reason for doing so. Asked about the primary benefits to having an in-house agency, 38% said cost efficiencies, 19%…

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  • The Psychology Behind Unethical Behavior

    On a warm evening after a strategy off-site, a team of executives arrives at a well-known local restaurant. The group is looking forward to having dinner together, but the CEO is not happy about the table and demands a change. “This isn’t the one that my assistant usually reserves for…

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  • Mark Ritson: Accept it, people hate ads – yes, all of them

    Attend enough marketing conferences and all of them start to feel essentially the same. A slightly greying creative director in black jeans shares his stories of big agency success. A perky CMO from overseas tells you about the power of purpose and how she harnessed it to generate 900% something…

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  • Digital marketing agencies transform into consulgencies

    Is the traditional digital marketing agency dead? Not likely in the near term, but there is a train roaring down the tracks driven by the overwhelming amount of technology, data, artificial intelligence and systems integration needs that is transforming traditional agencies into consulgencies. For the first time, four consultancies cracked Ad Age’s…

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