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  • 5G: Beyond The Hype

    Hamilton Technology Centre (HTC) invites you to an exciting discussion on the 5G Revolution at our monthly Seminar Series, on Thursday, October 3, 2019, 12 noon, at the Hamilton Technology Centre (7 Innovation Drive, Dundas).   A distinguished panel of Industry Experts will help understand 5G. Beyond the hype, what is 5G? What should you expect? Will it help your…

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  • VPN’s for Remote Workers: A Beginners Guide for 2019

    For those that are not computer nerds, a VPN involves technology that adds a security layer to private and public networks, including broadband and internet hotspots. Translated to everyday lingo, a VPN is both secure and private for individuals and organizations to send and receive data over the internet. Think…

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  • Global Manager, CRM & Marketing Automation

    SNEAK PREVIEW We’re a tight-knit group of creative specialists who ideate, design, code, write, film, and edit every piece of award-winning advertising, communications, and brand collateral for the world’s greatest small-group adventure travel company. We work fast. We work hard. We serve a global brand that stubbornly refuses to stop…

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  • 10 Disruptive Technology Companies To Watch In 2019

    The modern world is full of individuals with innovative ideas about how to develop game-changing technologies for the future. With more efficient and cheaper solutions being offered for problems, the present methods are likely to become obsolete soon, leaving no room for companies that struggle to adapt to faster ways…

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  • The quantum threat to cybersecurity: Danger meets opportunity

    Tiff Macklem is the dean of the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management, which is home to the Creative Destruction Lab’s Quantum-AI venture program. He is also chair of the Global Risk Institute. Michele Mosca is a cryptographer and mathematics professor at the University of Waterloo, co-founder of the…

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  • 5 Big Technology Innovations Of 2019: IBM Unveils How They Will Transform All Our Lives

    Each year researchers at IBM list “5 in 5” – five ways in which technology will change the world in the next five years. This year, the overarching theme is on feeding the world by using technology to reduce hunger and waste. Within the next five years, the world’s population…

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    Originally built as a way to secure cryptocurrency transactions, blockchain is a digital platform that verifies and records exchanges. Blockchains are global networks that can have millions of users, each adding information/data which is secured through cryptography. This creates an indisputable history of these transactions that cannot be modified by…

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  • Q&A With Adobe’s Keith Eadie on Data-Led Targeting

    Earlier this week at the Adobe Summit in Las Vegas, the company’s key players assembled to outline updates to its platform and address client concerns in the contemporary marketing environment. Adweek caught up with Keith Eadie, svp and general manager of Adobe Advertising Cloud, to talk about the intricacies of data-led targeting…

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  • Sizmek Files for Chapter 11

    As speculation rises over the future of the entire ad-tech ecosystem, independent ad tech outfit Sizmek has filed voluntary chapter 11 petitions. Official paperwork was filed on March 29, with a press release dropping just before midnight Eastern Daylight Time, as the industry simmered with speculation that the company, co-owned by…

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  • AI Ethics: Seven Traps

    The question of how to ensure that technological innovation in machine learning and artificial intelligence leads to ethically desirable—or, more minimally, ethically defensible—impacts on society has generated much public debate in recent years. Most of these discussions have been accompanied by a strong sense of urgency: as more and more…

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