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  • Nordstrom Cuts Direct Mail Program, Loses Sales

    On Tuesday, Nordstrom cut its forecast for full-year sales and profit after reporting weaker-than-expected first-quarter results that were hurt, in part, by stopping its use of direct mail to promote its new loyalty program. According to Yahoo Finance, co-president Erik Nordstrom said on a post-earnings conference call that the company stopped sending…

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  • Direct Mail in 2019

    In a world of digital saturation, the true disruptors bring touchpoints that are tangible, accessible, and human. Find out how to combine impactful creative with data and digital technologies to maximize targeting, response, and reporting – for direct mail campaigns that drive results through 2019 and beyond. Download the white…

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  • How and When to Use Direct Mail as Part of Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

    Direct mail regularly gets a bad rap as an exclusively outbound-focused tactic that doesn’t keep up with the ways buyers want to consume content. But in the right situations, direct mail could be a crucial differentiator in a world where 78% of consumers have unsubscribed from a company’s email list because the…

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  • Email Figures In Credit Card Marketing, But Direct Mail Dominates: Study

    Email is the delivery vehicle for 11% of credit card offers, second only to card issuer websites among digital channels. In addition, 73% of all applications are made online. But credit card applications are declining overall, and email takes a back seat to postal mail, according to Credit Card Reponses…

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  • 11 Ways to Stretch the Impact of Your Direct Mail Dollars

    Direct mail is deceiving. Marketers often write it off as too expensive to create, produce and deliver, compared to digital advertising. But then there’s cost vs. value, the latter being a balance of cost and benefit. What marketing benefits do you value to help you reach your business goals? For…

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  • Canada Post And Direct Mail

    There is still a high level of uncertainty about the status of mail delivery in Canada. And while there has been lots of talk about the impact a mail stoppage would have on everyone from banks to brides, a potential strike or lockout would have a major implication that we…

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  • Direct Mail: Right On Target

    Direct mail is a tightly controlled message, delivered right into the hands of a target market. It isn’t competing with website links or pop-up ads. Ninety percent of every email or SMS you receive pretty much looks the same; not so with direct mail. Today’s crop of digital printers allows…

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  • DM Boosters to Fuel Your Direct Mail Campaigns – Part I

    We all want our direct mailing/marketing programs to be successful and DM (Direct Marketing) Boosters can certainly help. DM Boosters have been around in various forms for years. They come in many varieties, and used individually, or in combination, they can make a big difference in your direct marketing results.…

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  • DM Boosters to Fuel Your Direct Mail Campaigns – Part II

    As I mentioned in Part I of this series, we all want our direct mail/marketing programs to be successful and DM (Direct Marketing) Boosters can certainly help. If you have not read Part I, please review it, when you have a minute: DM Boosters – Part I In Part I, we…

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  • Direct mail vs email

    The rise of email marketing during the 21st century has somewhat eclipsed the importance of direct mail. However, direct mail remains a key marketing strategy, offering some significant advantages over its newer challenger. Email is transitory. People scroll through crowded inboxes very quickly, deciding to open or delete within seconds. It’s…

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