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Digital Marketing - July 3, 2020

Adfraud : Is Digital Media becoming Dirty Media?

It is becoming increasingly difficult for marketers to find trusted, brand-safe and human marketplaces online. It doesn’t have to be, but marketers, agencies and their partners need to take more responsibility in this area, look below the surface and, do more work to eliminate adfraud from their media supply chains.

Loads of links and handy references included below (links may require subscriptions).

Some points to start with;

  1. eMarketer predicts global adfraud to be €100 billion by the year 2023.


  •  40% of all internet traffic is fake.


  • Programmatic is the most outsourced marketing task – 43%.



  • 15% of programmatic costs are unattributable.



  • Facebook has removed 6.6 billion fake accounts over the last year (Facebook has been cleaning up its act since it was found to be overstating the reach of its posts and the time spent watching videos on its page).


  • Click-Through Rates (CTRs) have been…

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