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Articles - Direct Mail - Website Development - January 17, 2019

Bleeding Edge Direct Mail 3.0

In the never-ending search for effective engagement strategies for marketers, we recently came across a very interesting new service from Mitaa Data that can provide as much as a 30% kick to your actual engagement!

Mitaa Data turns your prospect’s online actions into a direct mail offer that is uber-personalized, yet not addressed to a specific individual. It bridges a prospect’s online activity with an offline offer.

How It Works
Your website does a great job of walking someone through the benefits of your product. At several points in the process there are opportunities to “connect” or what some may call “convert” or “engage” with your brand. For example, if you are selling Ford F150 trucks,  your website allows consumers to “build your truck” and price it out, including colour and all the options each individual might choose.

10% of the people who go through this process might actually request more information or arrange a test drive at their local dealer. Until now, as a marketer, we would spend our time and resources trying to get that 10% up to 10.5%, with varying degrees of success. So for every 1,000 visitors who “build your truck”, instead of 100 connecting, 105 do. Some bright minds at Mitaa Data said ” Forget that. Why not hyper-target those leads that would otherwise be lost? Without an intimate knowledge of direct mail and how people actually engage and buy, they might never have figured it out. But Mitaa did.

By including Mitaa Data in the process, the 900 people who built their truck, (expressing enough interest to go that far makes them qualified) and would normally simply disappear, are mined for further action. Using proprietary algorithms,  Mitaa Data delivers a personalized post card. By personalized, we do not mean to a named individual. The post card is addressed to the “Resident” and the content of the post card is exactly what they were looking for! Add a compelling offer such as “$1,000 off if you test drive before XXX. Simply call AAA at BBBB for an appointment”.

Important distinction: the consumer does not directly connect the web visit with the post card. The connection is subtle, and feels more like a coincidence, but it still builds brand awareness and can prompt action.

Voila. As as many as 30% of the leads that would have otherwise been lost are now engaged. With your professional sales staff following up, a percentage of these qualified leads will turn into sales.

No question, this amplified form of cross-channel marketing will work better with some products or services than others. But it is early days for Mitaa Data.  They’re looking for forward-thinking clients who want to improve their engagement rates and are willing to be innovative in their approach.

Want to know more? Reach out to Brad King, VP Sales and Marketing, Mitaa Data 416-779-3714 or bking@mitaadata.com

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