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Articles - Email Marketing - November 9, 2019

9 Ways Magazines Make Money with Email

While your magazine likely has a lot of goals, I can guarantee ‘make more money’ is near the top of the list. Every company has a laundry list of tactics for driving revenue, but leveraging email is often overlooked. Email can actually be a fantastic revenue generator. 

Here are nine ways you should make sure are part of your revenue strategy. 

Direct Revenue

The simplest – and in many aspects best – way to increase your revenue is to increase your subscriptions, grow your event attendance, and boost your ecommerce and merchandise sales. Direct revenue from direct relationships is more strategically aligned than indirect revenue from direct relationships. Email is the number one driver of conversions and your best ally to achieve these goals. Create a robust email campaign for each of your direct revenue initiatives.

Website Referral Traffic

You’ve got a lot of great content on your site, and you’re likely already generating revenue based on ad positions on those website pages. This means the more people you can drive to your content directly attributes to more money for your magazine. Email is the number one way to direct readers to your content. Not sure what to send? Here’s a list of email ideas to get started.

Sponsorship Packages

Whether your magazine is online-only or print and digital, you’ve got a ton of sponsorship opportunities to offer. Increase your sponsorship revenue when you create bundled sponsorship packages with prominent placement across every aspect of your brand – website ads, print ads, email ads, etc. On top of that, lock these in as multi-month contracts to save your sales team time and drive even more annual revenue. 

Birthday & Anniversary Emails

Birthday and anniversary emails are a win-win-win for advertisers, audiences, and radio stations. They make excellent re-engagement campaigns for disengaged users in your database and build your brand’s relationship with your audience. Plus, when you sell sponsorships, these can be major revenue drivers. Encourage participating advertisers to include a coupon or offer for their business – who doesn’t love a special treat on their birthday or anniversary?

Promotion Follow-Up Email Campaigns

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