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Email Marketing - Event - February 6, 2020

CASL Enforcement: Marketer’s Update.

A Session with the CRTC Enforcement Team

A Response Marketing Association Webinar

Join us on March 4, 2020 @ 11:am (EST) as we explore the enforcement of CASL by the CRTC.

On a regular basis the CASL Enforcement Team from CRTC reach out to the marketing community to help update marketers. As part of our contribution to marketers we work with CRTC to deliver this packed 1 hour webinar. The CRTC Enforcement Team will address:
CRTC CASL Information Session

· General Approach to Enforcement
· Complaints From Canadians
· CASL Actions to date
· Lessons learned from recent Enforcement Actions
· Guidance for Marketers:
· Consent Structure  
· What could you be liable for?
· CASL and Social Media Platforms
· Best Practices for Record Keeping
· Easy Tips to Comply with CASL 

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