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Email Design Wisdom from the Pros: Annett Forcier + Matthew Smith

July 15, 2020 6PM – 8PM

I am beyond excited to welcome email veterans Annett Forcier (Email Boutique, www.emailboutique.io and long-standing member of our group) and Matthew Smith (Really Good Emails, www.reallygoodemails.com and Fathom & Draft, www.fathomanddraft.com) for a fireside chat on what makes good email design!

Confession: I am a huge design geek at heart and spend copious amounts of time drooling at RGE content – the email industry’s Go-To resource for “inspo”. Having the opportunity to chat with two pros who tirelessly spread the word about best-in-class email design and development sounds ridiculously awesome to me – I hope you will enjoy it just the same!

I am planning to pick these two brains on some of the below:

Email Design / Development

– What makes good email design? Where is email design & development heading? What’s litty right now (is that how cool kids say it) and what does the future hold?

Design workflow

– What are the best briefs that create the most successful outcomes for email? How do you establish an effective design workflow and design systems? Where does design end and development begin?

Managing expectations

– How do you get more money spent on email from clients and internal teams? How do you convince brands, clients, bosses or wives/husbands to move away from the one-image only email and use best practices?

Industry Awesomeness

– What is your favorite email to date and why? What’s the story of Really Good Emails and what are Matthew’s future plans? What’s the story of Email Boutique and why did Annett decide to “fly solo”? What are their tips for people starting out in the industry?

… and, of course we will take questions from our beloved audience as we go along. So bring your questions and your friends, maybe some popcorn and let’s munch together on email design.


6:00 – 6:20 Arrival, doodling the next big thing
6:20 – 7:20: Moderated discussion (everything in moderation)
7:20 – X: Hanging around, telling minimum one joke, saying goodbye in a language other than English



Annett Forcier

Annett’s journey began as a front-end developer in 1999, and for the past six years she has developed a special love—and talent—for email design and coding. She is an active member of #emailgeeks and the Women Of Email group. In October 2017, after 18 years of working in-house at many esteemed companies and agencies, she decided to become a full-time freelancer. This decision has enabled her to live her dream of working from anywhere and solving design and development problems beyond Canada’s borders. In May 2019 she founded EmailBoutique Digital Inc.

Matthew Smith

Matthew Smith is either two wily bear cubs stacked in a trenchcoat or a full grown man—some days it’s hard to tell. He runs an Email Design System studio Fathom & Draft and of course, Really Good Emails—where smartypants start their email projects. He’s wielded design powers on projects for Walmart, Seth Godin, MailChimp, Invision, TrueCar and MIT to blatantly name drop. Thankfully, he was rarely asked to leave the room.


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