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How Much Email is TOO Much Email?

One of the most difficult parts of email deliverability and optimization is the fact no one-size-fits-all solution exists. One sender’s situation can vary so vastly from another that a piece of advice for Sender A would be harmful for Sender B. But something you can start to use to parse out what you need to do to improve your email sender reputation and overall deliverability for better email ROI is figuring out the right volume of email to send in general.

To be clear, this is not exclusively about frequency or solely determined on list size. The sum of these two parts are ultimately what determines your total sending volume. Perhaps a sender with a list of 1 million people sends a daily newsletter, while a large corporation has a list of 30 million but sends only a monthly digest. That’s 30 million messages per month for each, but with the larger organization only sending “one email,” it may seem like they don’t send very much at all. On the flip side, someone receiving daily emails from a brand might get fatigued by the frequency of the smaller organization.

So, how do you know when you’re sending the right amount of email? How much is TOO much?

From a recipient side of things, TechnologyAdvice released some research this year to determine the most common reasons people mark email as spam, and you won’t be surprised by the top reason.

Courtesy of TechnologyAdvice

Similarly, when asked what brands could do to get better at email, they responded simply…do more, but with less.

Courtesy of TechnologyAdvice

By using a…

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