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DX3 Pulse – Oct 21 – Online

This year retailers and marketeers are facing fundamental challenges, if not existential threats. Technology, rather than being the source of disruption, is scrambling to catch up. The digital transformation in the retail landscape has accelerated, with years of gradual change compressed into weeks or months. Retailers and Marketers plunge deeper than ever into customer experience, highlighting safety in addition to personalization and convenience. This is our opportunity to rethink the future from the ground up, by having the most relevant conversations. DX3 pulse brings thought leaders in retail and marketing together to discuss the future of the industry, help people navigate these troubled waters, and share hope and hopefully provide clarity. DX3 pulse speaking faculty will give you industry insights on key focused areas: Retail, Marketing, and Tech. They will share their challenges and opportunities on how to build a brand and be relevant in this transformed environment. We urge you to take in as much as you can from this thought-provoking one-day virtual event. 


The DX3 pulse event is all about Evolving, as we shift practices, systems, and paradigms.  It’s year Zero and businesses need to evolve to the new reality. Suddenly changing  consumers, buying behaviours and social interactions have forced us into rethinking  the whole business proposition and product offering.Learn how to use and implement new tools, channels, and strategies towards success. Gain new ideas, diverse perspectives, and discover what leading businesses are doing to be successful in these pivotal times. Meet like-minded people, connect with industry leaders, and be inspired. Let’s evolve together.

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