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80+ Influencer Marketing Statistics to Help You Reach the Modern Consumer

Written by Raj Vardhman June 23, 2019

What would say if we told you there was a way to reach your target audience without spamming their inboxes and mailboxes, without sending out a single email or a product catalog? Would you be interested in increasing your brand credibility by 34.7%? How would you feel about making a 520% return on your marketing investment?

If these questions have piqued your interest, keep reading. There is a way to accomplish all these goals with a single marketing strategy – influencers.
Nowadays, consumers don’t respond well to traditional ads. They no longer trust brands to tell them about their own products. They react much better to honest reviews from people who have actually used the product or service in question, and social influencers have established themselves as the most trustworthy reviewers out there. 

These seemingly ordinary people who have amassed a social media following between 10,000 and 100,000 users are the holy grail for marketers. Influencers who have earned a sizeable follower base but once that’s also not too big can sway consumers to try your product like no commercial ever would. 

It turns out that modern shoppers trust influencers who recommend a product or service a lot more than they do celebrities. This is largely because, not so long ago, influencers were regular people just like them. 
Over time, they became popular on social media for sharing their views on certain topics, slowly proclaiming themselves as an authority in that field. It’s that kind of relatability that consumers respond so well too. 

Here’s an example. 
If a globe-trotter who records his travels on his YouTube channel shares his positive impressions about the camera you’re selling, you can expect many orders for his followers. It’s not that one video that counts. It’s the numerous videos before that one that have built a relationship of trust between the influencer and his audience. This solid relationship is what will convince consumers your product is worthy of their money.

Let’s take a look at this comprehensive list of influencer marketing statistics compiled by SmallBizGenius. 

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