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Podcasts - Social Media Marketing - February 15, 2019

Are You Social Online?

Are you social online? Do you run out of ideas for what to post? Whether you’re on social media to stay connected with friends, managing a social media marketing campaign, or maybe you are reluctant to participate, Andrew Jenkins provides valuable insights about how to navigate the world of online social media.

3 Key Learnings

1.Which social media platforms to use?

There are many platforms and they all suit slightly different purposes. (See the brief summaries below.)   Andrew Jenkins suggests using at least two social media platforms. Which two depends on with whom you want to communicate (friends? journalists? hobbyists?) and what you are posting (news? photos? quotes?).

2.A reminder:

Don’t say or do anything on social that you wouldn’t say or do to your grandmother in front of a room of 100 people.”  Then again, “if…  someone’s going to make a career- limiting move they will do it whether it’s within social or not.” There are some people who will just make those mistakes. Don’t let it be you.

3.A few social media MARKETING pointers:

  • Take your “core digital asset” and break it up into visual images, quotes, tweets, and so on.
  • When coming up with other ideas for content, consider seasonality (like holidays), and re-tweeting content from others. As Andrew Jenkins says: “Can we agree that 20% of our content will be about us?  And 80% will be about things that are of interest to our followers.
  • 3 layers of metrics:
    • vanity,
    • engagement, and
    • customized, strategic measures.

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